Monday, April 22, 2013

I'll put it out there...

Electronics and I...we'll, we just don't see EYE TO EYE!!

It doesn't matter what I do, we just don't get along!!
 Let me give you the short back story!!
Two years ago I had your typical old fashion flip phone!  My flip phone and I got along just great for years!!  And when I say years I mean it, the only time I had any real issues was when I lost it and had to buy a new one!  I could drop, throw, kick (yes, I did kick my phone, after I had dropped it), my phone NEVER gave me any problems!  We were a true match!!
But I, being your typical human, ok WOMAN!!  Well, I wanted MORE!!  I wanted one of those phones that could take pictures (yep no picture phone for me back in the day), I wanted to be on FB, play lots of games (not just the ones that came with the phone)...I WANTED MORE!!  So hubby trying to be sweet (little did I know it would be a curse and a nightmare!), for Christmas 2 years a go got me what I thought was my dream phone!! 
From day one, it was a NIGHTMARE!!! But I thought it was me cuz I was new to all this new phone stuff!  But it wasn't me!!  It was the PHONE!!  DJ got the same phone and his worked perfect!  Figures! I suffered with that phone for 2 long painful years of NO memory, which it had...resetting back to factory setting, every few months...till finally, for Christmas again, hubby got me a new phone...Hallelujah...NOT!!!
GUESS WHAT?!?!  Problems already!!  This time if they continue I'm NOT waiting 2 years for a new phone!!  I'm pretty sure my phone company knows me by name now cuz I call all the time!
I really hate electronics sometimes...I wont even start on my new laptop and the issues I started having! 
Why can't electronics and I just get along...I'm willing!!

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