Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Keep your fingers CROSSED...

There are lots of changes happening to our family the next few months! 

Now these changes aren't necessary life changing...some are GOOD, some are just SO-SO, and some are just plan BAD! I guess it all depends on how you look at it really and who you ask!
The first change happened Sunday! I was released from primary! Now this can go either way, depending on how you look at it and really how I make it!  This could be a GOOD thing or just a SO-SO thing. Now that I'm not in primary I really need to get to know the sisters in my ward better.  When I was younger I really was an out going person.  Over the years I've became a not so out going person, strange!  I've become a little sky, crazy! Strange I know!  So this can be a GOOD thing, be getting out of my comfort zone, which is primary...BUT SO-SO or BAD even cuz if I don't put myself out there it could be a very lonely time at church...KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!
Now the next change happened at the beginning of the month!  Since moving into the ward I've had the same VT partner and route (2 1/2 years now) but this month I got a new route and partner!  It should be fun!  Its a start for me to get to know others...Again KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!!!
Another major change...DJ has been with his unit VCU (Vehiclear Crimes Unit) for years, like 15 years now!  That's a long time to be in the same unit!  I'm not trying to brag BUT HE IS THE BEST AT WHAT HE DOES!!! In fact his unit has stopped him from trying to leave in the past cuz he knows his stuff...but that's all about to change!!  In two weeks he is finally getting his transfer to GIU (General Investigations Unit).  Now this is a GOOD thing cuz it gives him a chance to try something new, to leave VCU after so long, to add to his resume, to get away from certain people and lots of other things...A SO-SO thing cuz he knows what hes doing in his current unit and now he will have to learn new stuff, which could go either way GOOD or BAD.
This could also turn out really BAD cuz right now he can set his own time with work, if theres an emergency at home, he can come home...if he needs to take a day off, he can...We have NO idea if he can with his new unit...guess we will have to wait and see...so KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED FOR HIM!!
The next BIG change happens in a few weeks to the boys and DJ...SCHOOL BEGINS!!!  For me this is a GOOD thing!!!  I get my peace and quiet back...WHOOWHO!!!For the rest it could go either way!!
For DJ, he starts teaching at the college again.  It usually is a good thing for him.  The hard part is it means getting home later on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Plus the added stress of balancing his church calling with it.  Hes the Scoutmaster.  So that means Scouts on Tuesdays and once a month Scout round tables.  Sometimes balancing that is crazy.  Plus if he gets crazy students it makes for a very crazy and stressful semester...KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED THAT IT ALL GOES GOOD.
As for the boys...Josh is starting his 10th year in High School and 2nd year of Seminary and Seth is starting 6th grade this year!  Now things could be GREAT for them or it could just be SO-SO or even BAD...depending on what they decide to make of the year!!
If Josh can keep his schedule balanced, stay up on his homework and keep his grades up - I'm pretty sure he'll have a great year!!  As for Seth if he can pay attention, stay calm, not talk too much, keep up on his work and most important - think before he talks - then he will have a great year...SO KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED FOR THEM!!!
There is a lot more changes coming our way and I guess its up to us to make it GOOD and not SO-SO or BAD...


Tara and Devin said...

Chase is sorry to loose you as a teacher! He has really enjoyed your class. :( I am just getting used to being back in RS too. It's a little strange and out of my confort zone as well since I haven't been in there much of my life (I'm always in either Primary or YW). Hopefully it won't be too lonely for either of us! ~Devin

Suzi said...

Devin, Its really gonna be strange...I've been in either primary or YW's since two weeks out of YW's...that's almost 25 years now, crazy to think about! Theres been little stints here and there in RS but never very long. I'm gonna miss those little ones! They are really an active but VERY fun bunch of kiddos! I'm especially gonna miss my boys! They really told the BEST stories!!! Sorry but I knew EVERYTHING that happened in your family!! LOL