Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lets Review...

Thanksgivings come and gone and we survived (BARELY) our brush with MR. BUCKET and MR. TOILET. But boy, did it knock the wind out of us. I'm still not all here (I know I never really was anyways).

Even though we were sick and knocking on deaths door, DJ and I went out on BLACK FRIDAY. I was NOT going to let a little thing like not being able to stand and hardly able to walk STOP ME from shopping on the BIGGEST SHOPPING DAY OF THE YEAR~ Do You Hear Me!!!

So here we were, sick and sicker, up and out the door at 3:40am and at Kohls by 3:55, ready to shop. Can't say what for cuz little eyes are reading but we were there. And you know I was sick cuz I, who is ALWAYS cold, was burning up, BUT I was still shopping. NOW, thats dedication for you.

The whole day... it was kind of...well hazzy, its a blurr for the both of us. We remember long lines and we know we went to Kohls, Toys R Us, Target, Ross and Walmart. Then it was home. Toys R Us was FUNNY. The lines were soooo long. DJ went to get in line while I finished shopping but then he called me and said hurry he was next. He went and got in line at Babies R Us side. There was NO one in line on that side...SWEET, we checked right out. Got to love it.

Now shopping with DJ was a First on BLACK FRIDAY. It wasn't too bad. But I couldn't get anything for him, however, he did make a great pack horse. I highly recommend bring a husband if haven't before. I DON'T, however, recommend, going shopping when both people have been sick!!

Then Saturday it was time to try and put up the Christmas decorations. Again, this task took us longer then normal. It took us till Monday to get everything up. BUT hey, were else in the world could you put Christmas lights up outside in shorts...AZ, thats where! DJ kept saying its just wrong as hes hanging the lights up in shorts and sandals.

Then of course we got our tree up and decorated. I LOVE my tree and my 3 pills took FOREVER to decorate it. BUT thats ok, it turned out good and it looks beautiful. Everyone kept playing while they were putting things on the tree. It was a fun night.

My three pills
Getting the TREE ready
This is Seth trying to put something on the tree. I just knew he was going to FALL into the tree.
Cayla is going through her Vanna White stage right now.

Joshua trying to decide which ornament would look better...this one or that one.

The stocking where hung by the chimney with care??? What Chimney we live in AZ where its 100 degrees at Christmas.

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