Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick & Happy Turkey Day...

...And what a TURKEY DAY this will be. It will be one for the books, thats for sure. Let me tell the tale....
...You see our family over the years has done a few different things on Turkey day:

1) When the kids were younger (pre high school, thanks Cay for growing up), we'd go to ID and spend it with my sister.
2) When the kids got older we started going to Disneyland, our favorite place on earth.
3) If I can, I'd have people over. I LOVE to cook the turkey meal.

To tell the truth, 1&2 happened so we wouldn't hurt families feelings by tiring to decided who we would spend the day with.

So this year~The BIG Question~ WHAT TO DO? We thought, NO BIGGY, kids are in school, we'd stay here. Then 2 things happened (things always happen, right?):

1) My dad informs me that the family (him, my mom, brother and sister and their families), were getting together in ID and they'd love for us to try and come.
2) About a month or two ago, DJs mom got pretty sick. Shes doing better now, but still (shes in UT).

What do we do... go to ID (16 hour drive), go to UT (12 hour drive), or stay here (we just went to Disneyland a few weeks ago, so thats out). Well DJ and I being the fast decision makers we are (NOT), we couldn't make up our minds what to do. The kids can't miss school and if we went somewhere it would have to be after Cay got home from school (which was 3)...what do we do. After weeks of going around in circles, LAST WEEK (I know, nothing like waiting til the last minute) DJ came to a conclusion. We haven't been up to see his family in a long time. If we drove we could be there by 3am, plus we have some good friends we'd love to see. So we made the call, were were on our way to UT for Thanksgiving. We were on a roll, UNTIL....

Saturday it all started and went down hill from there. Josh woke up in the middle of the night...well lets just say he was REALLY SICK. Became good friends with MR. BUCKET. Stomach Flu you know. He was down all day Saturday and we kept him home Sunday from church to be safe. Then Sunday night Seth, go figure, the Stomach Flu. However, that little booger seemed to be just fine after his visit with Mr. Bucket and some sleep.

Monday at 5am I get up to check on Cayla for seminary and open her door and the room started spinning (you can ask my family, I have a bad habit of passing out), so I sat down. I just figured I got up to fast before. But heck lets admit it-I am an air head. So Cay helps me up and I start back to my room, Ya~No, she had to help me all the way, I wasn't doing to well.

I get back and I think I fall asleep (not too sure on that one). Then the old alarm goes off for the boys. DJ gets Josh up and going. I call him in and before you know it... Mr. Bucket and I are making friends. I end up that day not being able to walk on my own without falling-staying in and out of consciousness. The days a blurr. The next day I was a little more awake and was able to eat 3 crackers (Yay ME).

Then Wednesday comes, see this also triggered the glorious migraine too. And because of my stomach and everything I couldn't figure out WHY THE HECK MY HEAD was hurting, until Wed...daaaahhh, so since I could now keep things in (isn't that so nice to know on turkey day), I took drugs (got to love drugs).

Why is it kids can bounce back so fast and well not adults. So Tuesday night DJ shared that his tum-tum wasn't feeling so well, but that he was ok. NOOOOOOO, hes our main driver for the trip. I'm not 100%, what are we going to do. He says "DON'T WORRY, I'LL BE FINE." Famous last words. DJ never made friends with Mr. Bucket or Mr. Toilet (ya, didn't share that one before, we were all very close friends)(well, I guess DJ became an aquaince with Mr. Toilet, not FRIENDS like the rest of us~just thought I'd share. I know too much info...), but lets just say Cay and I had to get him twice after he fell to the floor. The way DJ was carrying me on Monday was what we were trying to do with him. He was weak and drained. There was NO WAY we could make that drive with 2 sick adult drivers and one new 16 year old driver. Plus the storm was going to hit, we just didn't know where.

So after a long debate, at about 4 on Wed, we decided we'll have to stay here and make the best of it. Then the race was on. Cayla took me to the store, cuz well, I was still a little off balance (its a good thing I don't drink cuz I'd be one ditzy drunk). We got a small bird (I usually get a 20lb or more- don't know if I can cook a small one). We got a small bird so we can defrost it fast, which thx to water we did. That night I made one pie and got my broth simmering for the next morning.

Well, here we are...TURKEY DAY for just our small little family. It may not be all the bells and whistles it would normally be but it will be ours and we'll all be together. (Sometimes I can say the sweetest things)

So everyone, STAY HEALTHY. Don't visit with Mr. Bucket or Mr. Toilet. Their not very inviting. Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and watch the Macy's day parade,and guess what...

Christmas is coming ~ GOTTA LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! Turn your radio on and listen to Christmas music, ITS THE BEST!!!


Sandi said...

Oh my goodness. What a great report! What a sad story. Glad it turned out well in the end. Better luck for Christmas!!!

Charlotte and Jason said...

Wow what a week! I do not envy you one bit!

zippy said...

Yikes--so sorry to hear you were all feeling so lousy and that you didn't get to see either family! I had a sick Thanksgiving a few years back...and yes, not so much fun! Hope you're all feeling better now.e

Heidi said...

You poor things! Hope everyone is back up on top of it now! It is no fun when everyone is down. That was us last Christmas vacation. You definitely made some memories!!I'm surprised any of you even felt like having turkey!

The On Call Dr. thing is my brother doing a house call type service. He is in Maricopa so don't know how far his services extend but it is a new way to see the dr.:)I think there are several others in the Phoenix area.
I think that you sign a contract or a flat rate of sorts and then he's on call 8-5 and he'll come to you. You should call him if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

I know I don't usually comment but... I've just got to say that I totally LOVE your sense of humor! Mr. Toilet & Mr. Bucket... to funny. That stinks that you guys were all sick but maybe it was for a reason??? To keep you home and safe??? I don't know, guess I'm just hoping you'll feel better about missing all of the big family festivities.