Monday, September 7, 2009

Sometimes Mickey...

...I outta...if it wasn't for the fact that Mickeys so darn CUTE and a 16 1/2 year old black Lab dog, I'd, well, I don't know what, BUT I WOULD!
In Mickeys old age he's gotten, well, a bit senile...and when it storms with lightning and thunder, he goes CRAZY! Over the the last few years he's eaten, and I do mean eaten our house...stucco, metal, concrete, wood, you name it~he's eaten it. And its not just the storms...he has what we now call (its a scientific term~well one we made scientific), SUNDOWNSINDRUM...when the sun goes down, he goes CRAZY and starts knocking at the door trying to come in. What a MENTAL case!
He was NEVER like this before MEG. Who is Meg...Meg was a German short hair dog we found years ago. She was afraid of ANY loud noise~even the ice maker...She was NUTS~I tell you, just plan NUTS! Sometimes I though she was going to brake our sliding glass door down trying to get into the house...and now shes passed this unto Mickey!
A storm comes...he goes crazy...and that's what happened Saturday! We were trying to get ready to walk out the door to Caleb, my nephews, baptism. We're dressed in Sunday clothes, dress and heels ~me and Cay, shirts and ties ~ the boys. DJ's already left cuz we had to take two vehicles cuz he was working the ASU game later that day (figures he ALWAYS misses the craziness in my life). Oh and I'm fighting the starting of a whooper of a migraine. (So much joy in my life).
Anywho...I could see a storm was coming so I decided to be nice and let Mickey in. That will teach me ~ trying to be nice...when will I learn! SO, he comes in...we had the front door open cuz we were getting ready to walk out. Infact the boys were already in the truck. They were just waiting for me.
Mickey makes a b-line for the font door and I told him go lay down, which he did! (Mickeys NORMALLY pretty good about listening when we tell him to obey should follow his example! Well until....) Then I turn around and before I knew it...he was up and out the door. I was yelling "Mickey, stop!" (I really think in his old age hes going deaf cuz sometimes he doesn't hear us and we can walk right up to him.) He normally will stop right at the door...he'll sit and just look out, we always leave the door open...BUT NO, not that day...out he goes...I take off after him in 4 1/2 inch heels, mind you. I kick them off and take off IN THE RAIN, IN A DRESS, trying not to fall cuz I kept slipping. Cayla comes running and then Seth. We get Mickey cornered down the road at one of the houses. Then Josh comes running down the street, in the rain, asking "Why is everyone running down the street?" (Nothing like being a day late and a dollar short.) Of course the dumb dog didn't want to go back...HE'S CRAZY!!! I really don't know what his problem was, hes usually a really good dog! I'm telling you~HE'S CRAZY!
Needless to say...we got him home...put him in the laundry room where his bed wet skid marks all over my tile floor, cuz I had to drag him...Now I have to wet from running in the rain...My hair went flat from the rain (perfect for pictures after the baptism) migraine started to get really bad at this point~stress ya know...hit a pretty big storm driving to the baptism, which slowed down our driving time...couldn't see the roads~NICE....and was 5 to 10 minutes lat for the baptism....
All because an old dog is scared of thunder and lightning!!

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Stephanie said...

Dear, Dear, Suzi!! There are so many times in your life that I wish I had a video camera taping!! :) I swear I could enter so many "moments" of yours on America's Funniest Video's. It always cheers my day to hear your funny antics.
And yes, Mickey really IS a good dog!!! We love him!