Friday, September 25, 2009

This is for MOM...

This is for my mommy...CUZ she informed me the other day, AFTER I sent her an e-mail that I needed to update my Blog. You see at the end of my e-mails it says to visit me at my blog. Mom says, "I do visit and its the same, it NEEDS to be UPDATED!" Whatever, MOM!
SO FINE, MOTHER!!! I'm UPDATING just for little OLD you!! :) Love you mommy!
Well, as many of you know from reading my facebook...oh you didn't know I was on facebook, well, I am, check me out on facebook (so is DJ and Cayla). Anywho, I love how my mind just wonders around, need to stary focused on my task at hand.
But back to my some of you may know, Cayla was nominated for HOMECOMING Queen. How cool is that and boy was she shocked!!! Well, I thought it was pretty cool in deed. Well alas (what a funny word to use), she did not win, BUT she was runner up and because the queen did not, yes that was~ did not go to the Homecoming dance, Cayla started the dance with the king. Have you ever heard of such a thing, not going to your Homecoming dance when you just won Homecoming. Crazy if you ask me. But Cayla did get a crown out of it and a sash. And out of all the girls in the school she was 1st runner up. Shes a princess in our books. Way to go baby girl!
Also, are you ready for this one, Josh, my sweet quite but sometimes crazy middle baby is playing football. Did you hear what I typed...FOOTBALL. Yes, the sport where you can break you body. Isn't bad enough that I have Cayla who is a walking advertisement for a physical Therapist, that now Josh wants to get all beat up. Its just too funny though some of the things that have happen.
So he comes home from school and he gets this cheesy grin on his face and he says "mom what do you think if I want to play football?" The kids never showed an interest in football before, basketball, yes, baseball, yes, football, never. I just kind of laughed and said I don't think so, you would die and break all your bones. So he asked again. This time I knew something was up. The school was starting a team and he wanted to play. He'd been playing at lunch and I guess he really liked it. I told him he'd get all beat up and he says...NO I WONT. Let me tell you what happen the next day when I went to check him out of school early. Hes sitting at the front office waiting for me, with a bag of ice on his chin, bruised. He GOT KICKED IN THE FACE. MOMMY ALWAYS KNOWS! Told him he'd get hurt!!! He got kicked twice in the face. Its not the only injury he's gotten. Oh don't get me wrong, I don't care at all that he's playing, I just wanted to pull his leg, but I KNEW HE WOULD GET HURT...I ALWAYS KNOW...I'M THE MOTHER!!! He is having fun.
Then of course Seth...Seth...Seth...What to do with that kid. Do you know how many people have asked me where he has gotten his accent from. I just don't know about that kid. His new thing is to talk with an English accent, that on top of his already natural accent that he has that you can't understand. He comes out and says "Ello, Gevonor." Strange kid. Wonder who he belongs to?!?
So Mom, sooo sooo sorry that I've failed you as a daughter at keeping up on the blog and the facebook. Life has been a little crazy as of late. Don't feel guilty cuz you pressured me into updating at all. It needed to be done. I will try and be better at my responsibilities at getting on to the computer and down loading pictures too. I know I am failing in the department also. Oh just go ahead and disown me, I'm not even worth it!

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