Friday, February 19, 2010

It was a BLONDE moment...

...And I'm sure I'm NOT the only one to have these!!!

Ok so here is what happened...Yes, sit down, stand up, whatever you do when your getting ready for a good laugh, cuz thats what you'll have, at my expense! (and its ok, go ahead and laugh, everyone else has).

So yesterday Cayla had a Doctors appointment and after it was over we went to the store. No biggy so far right? Well, when we got to the store, DJ called. He had been in classes all day and wanted to know what had happen at the Doctors. So I was telling him about it. Then of course we started talking about other things, while we were walking in the store (I know how rude...talking on a cell in public, in a store...I'm one of THOSE people, what can I say). Cayla was putting her two cents in during the conversation, no biggy. And all was good.

As I was talking with DJ, my cell phone was up to my ear (don't forget that part-it's important to remember)...I all of the sudden had a panic attack. You see, I felt my front pocket where I keep my phone, IT WAS GONE...Then I checked my back pocket and my sweater and then my purse...There was NO PHONE. I even said it to DJ, I can't fine my cell phone.

Remember, I was talking to DJ on MY CELL PHONE. Cayla was DYING at this point. So was the lady that was walking past us. Right then I realized that I was on my phone. Later, in the store when we saw that same lady, she couldn't even keep a straight face as she walked pass me! Oh well, at least I gave someone a good laugh!

Yep, I was having a BLONDE MOMENT!


zippy said...

That has got to be one of THE FUNNIEST blonde moments--EVER!! Part of what made me laugh so hard is that even though I'm not blonde, I can TOTALLY see myself doing something like this! Suzi, you have an amazing sense of humor and self-confidence!!--not only can you laugh at yourself, but you posted about rock!

TheLadiesRoom said...

I have a similar moment... so I'll share. I was ON THE PHONE with my sister and as we are talking she can hear that I got distracted. I was shuffling around some papers and stuff on my table. So she says, 'what are you doing?' I said, I'm looking for my phone because I thought that I heard it ringing.... WOW. She was like, um Jenn,... you only have one phone right? =)

Suzi said...

I love it Jenn...That was Great! Thanks for sharing!