Friday, February 26, 2010

She just can't WIN...

Poor~Poor Cayla...For reals this time. I'm not being a brat and making fun of her (ok maybe a little I am), but really poor little girl!
So Monday she had a surgical procedure done to check her acid reflux plus to see if she has GERD. No biggy really, she had this done a few months ago...this time there was one more test and she had to have this device on her for 48 hours to measure her PH balance. It was just bigger than a cellphone, but to here talk about it, the thing as HUGE! (It wasn't really that big, again about the size of 3 pagers put together).
Well this happens on Monday, oh wait last week we took her in for her knee, which she hurt at cheer. Now she has to have physical therapy done on it. That is if we can get her into the place, they can't see her for another week or more. Nice!
Then Tuesday she hung out at Jasinski helping in a 1st grade class. You see Cay wants to be a teacher after college. She's always wanted to work with kids. And she thinks she wants to work with 1st grade, so she got to sit in on a class. She LOVED it! But of course she would, she LOVES kids!
Then Wed. she started to not feel good. She thought she was getting a head cold. She wasn't feeling good last week, but just kind of pushed it aside. But this wasn't going away. By Thursday night, I couldn't even understand the kid when she was talking to me on the phone. I finally told her to stop talking and go and blow her noise. It just kept going and going and going. Boy did she have a lot of snot in her...but it makes sense cuz shes a little snot (oh wait did I just write that;D) !!
Friday was not a good day for her, (wait thats today, so I guess you would say todays not a good day), she had to go and drop off part of her Senior paper at school. So she called DJ and told him her throat was bad and she felt really bad. (You see thats WAY before I get up!)
He called me and said he wanted to get her in to the DR. I agreed. So by 9:00 he was on his way to check her out of school and off to the DRs.

What did the DR have to say...She has STREP THROAT! You see strep is going around right now and if anything is going around, leave it to Cayla to catch it. And now she has exposed all her friends and everyone at school! (GOTTA LOVE IT when a kids sick with one thing and you think its another...oh well, at least we have DRUGS now!)
I'm telling you the poor kid is going to be in sooooo much trouble when she goes of to College...What she going to do without her mommy and daddy to take care of her?!?

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