Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's happening...

It really is. They said it would. We just had to do it! And we finally did! I just can't believe it! It's soooo cooool!
Oh~What? ask? Our garden...IT'S GROWING! It's so cool! No~Really it is!

From our window we can see that our tomato plants and bell pepers have already grown quite a few inches, so I decided to go out with DJ and as we look, I could see my beets, my cucumbers, my pumpkin, my artichoke, my lettuce (I think you get the idea, everything), growing. They was something sprouting out of the ground and guess what? It wasn't weeds. Thats right it was FOOD from my garden.

Then last night I looked out my kitchen window and you know what? Yep, I can now see the lettuce from my window. Its grown that much. Everything is growing. (Cayla had a good laugh at me cuz of my reaction.)

In case you can't tell, I'm a little excited about our garden.

Of course the flowers we planted are growing like crazy, along with my grass (which needs to be mowed again)! Everything has new growth on it! All the colors are so pretty! Pretty~pretty~pretty!

But how cool that our garden is already growing. Just so you don't think I'm strange, my kidos were all excited about it too!

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