Saturday, March 6, 2010

OOPS...I did it again...

What did I do again...well, I'll tell you....(and it wasn't singing a Britney Spears song either).

If I thought it was embarrassing the first time (ok, maybe it wasn't the first time it happened), then I was WRONG! This time has the last time beaten hands down!

Remember awhile back I wrote about my little passing out adventures I had at the school...NO, I didn't pass out at school again...NOP, this time I passed out at my home (which I've done before)...NO BIGGY right~WRONG!

The door bell rang, so I got up and walked over to the door, it was our bug man. As we were talking, I got that feeling again, yep that feeling that everything is closing in and starting to black out. I know what that means, so I start to sit down...WELL, I guess I didn't make it.

The next thing I know, the bug guy is asking if I'm ok and Josh had a phone in his hand. I guess I passed out and the bug guy asked if any one was in the house. Josh came around the corner and saw me passed out and ran and got the phone and called 911. However, I started to come to, so he hung up the phone.

Of course a few minutes later 911 called back to make sure everything was ok. I explained the situation and thought that was the end of it. NOP, I was wrong.

The bug guy made sure I was ok, and started to spray outside. About 5 minutes later the door bell rings again. This time it was the POLICE! YEP THE COPS!

Because I had told them I was ok, they sent officers to make sure someone didn't force me to say that. So the officers asked if I was ok, who was in my home and if I felt I needed to go to the hospital. Then they had to do a walk through the house, just to make sure someone wasn't forcing me to say I was fine. Of course TODAY the boys and I were going to clean the house and it was a mess. I guess that will teach me to make sure the house is ALWAYS clean.

A few hours later, the bug guy called me to make sure I was still doing ok. WOW, passing out was bad enough but doing it in front of a stranger and then having the cops come to my home...Ya that was really embarrassing. At least when I did it at the school last year I was around people I knew...oh well life goes on!

THE COPS and the BUG GUY...sounds like a movie title.

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Stephanie said...

I do that sometimes too. It IS embarrassing! Do you know what causes it for you?