Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its a NERF WAR...

What happens when you get four 11 and 12 year old boys together?
I'll tell you...
The upstairs of my house sounds like a WAR ZONE and the ceiling is going to cave in from them running and jumping around. The screaming, laughing and yelling can be heard for miles. The NERF bullets are flying down the stairs. There are bullets EVERYWHERE upstairs. I open my linen closet to put laundry away and find a boy hiding. I open the boys walk in closet to put clothes away and find a boy hiding in it. I go to put towels in the bathroom and well, you guessed it, I find a boy hiding in it! There seems to be boys hiding everywhere and really there are only 5 boys at this house right I said four 11 and 12 year olds and one 8 year old! Boys are coming out of the walls!!!
BEWARE when you walk upstairs you might get caught in the cross fire! Every time I walk up I say...Cease Fire! Neutral Person coming! Don't shoot the mom! If you shoot me...there will be NO FOOD FOR THE MEN! And they all STOP FIRING! Do I know the way to a kids heart or what! FOOD!!!
But it can be hard for one kid to balance 3 different types of friends. Josh is having to learn young to keep his patience and learn that you have to keep everyone happy when you invite others to your house and that sometimes it's harder than you think. Everyone is different and sometimes Josh really finds it hard when some of his friends get together. But you know everyone has to deal with it in life. He's finding it harder then he thought it would be to keep his cool with some of his friends. But he will learn! It's just the way of life...or how does the song's "THE CIRCLE OF LIFE"!
But they are having fun, MOST of the time! I just hope my house can stand up to all the craziness that's going on upstairs. I'm kind of worried that after today, I wont have a two story house any more, I might have a one story! Scary! BUT I really like my TWO STORY HOUSE! I think I will miss it! Oh well, no more having to carry the vacuum up and down the stairs once the upstairs in my down stairs!

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