Saturday, March 14, 2009


...and my crazy week has finally come to an end. Last Sunday when I looked at the week that was planned, I screamed. I thought what I had on the calendar was crazy, but when I woke up Monday morning and went to school, life got more crazy, if you can believe that.

Where to start...where to start. Well I guess with the BOOK FAIR. Yes, we who have kids in school, know this time of year. Its when you hear over and over "Can I have money", or the "Please, can I get this?" It really never ends. But it is worse if you happen to be one of the parents who has to work in the fair all week and your kids get endless hours of looking at everything, so they WANT everything. My pockets are NOT, I repeat NOT lined with money!

The book fair was a little crazy this time. We got kicked out of our room for some math meetings taking place (yes we really miss our room). So they put us in the Library, yeah that wasn't going to work because they have meetings in there on Sundays and we couldn't set up. SO, they found us a room that was only used 3 days a week in the afternoons (we kind of made the teacher that used it upset, oh well, you can only please some of the people some of the time). So we finsihed setting up, just in time for DONUTS FOR DADS. That was a hug success on Monday morning, bright and early (my Mom Mafia partner and I were at Walmart even before the sun came up to get the donuts fresh). At one time we think we had well over 150 dads and kids, and alot had already come and gone. TOO COOL!

Well, 9am rolls around and it begins, the endless roll of kids and change. I don't think I have ever seen soooo many quarters in my life. The book fair really was crazy cuz it was just me and my other partner in crime. Normally we have 3 of us but not this time. Our other side kick had to leave us and grow up and get a job. Who would guess that one person could make such a big difference! WE MISSED HER THIS WEEK!

Monday was also the day I got the e-mail about the interview board. You see I was asked to be on the board to pick the new principle for Jasinski. No big deal, except for when they decided to do the board...On the Wed during book fair, on a Wed-which means half day for the kids, and also that was the Wed of Psych Night at the church for camp and I'm one of the YCL leaders. Thats when the stress started.

After school Monday I went over to my other partner in crime for camp and we worked out Psych Night for the girls. I had a fun time but you could tell we both were a little slap happy. She was working her fair at there school this week too. POOR POOR US!

Tuesday started out ok, except you could just tell that life was going to get crazy. Why you ask, well it was parent teacher conferences and we were staying open till 5 and then have Weinersnitzel night from 5:30 to 7:30. After that I had to run to Party city and get stuff for Psych Night. PLEASE KILL ME ALREADY.

Wed. by this time, everyone knows the fair is open. They bring in 50 cents just so they can buy something, anything, but they'll spend hours shopping. NUTS!!! Why you ask am I so crazy this day, well DJ couldn't be home, he had drill. So it meant that the kids were stuck with me ALL DAY ~ ALL NIGHT, with ALL my meetings... POOR LITTLE GUYS!

I went to the board. It was suppose to run from 3:30 til 5. That would be perfect, I need to be at the church by 5:30. I could still have time to drop by and get my boys a healthy nutritional meal from a fast food restaurant. Life was going to work out, that is until 5 came and went! I finally made it through all my applications I had to review at 5:35 and told them I had another meeting to get to, so I missed the last hour of my first meeting cuz I found out they went til 6:30, WOW! But the next day they reviewed with me what I missed.

Now Psych night. Have you ever had everything just catch up with you and then have something happen that just set it all off...Well, that was the night. Psych Night was a huge success. I've ran into girls at school who said they had fun. YEAH!! But it was there that somethings happened that just pushed me over the edge. Nothing too bad, just family stuff. I really do love my kids but at times...I don't know. So after the night was over I sent Cayla home with the boys to get the dinner.

Yes you read that right, it was 8:30 I still hadn't feed my boys. WAIT, I did bring some nutritional junk food for them to munch on, lets not forget that.

Thursday, the alarm went off and I just pulled the covers over my head. Again WHY? Because tonight was late night at the fair. I was at the school til 7:40, thats P.M, NOT A.M! My other MOM MAFIA partner was feeling the long week too. We were ready for Friday~ the end of the fair.

We closed our doors Friday at noon!!! NO MORE KIDS...Don't get me wrong, I love having the kids come, some of them were really funny, but Friday... We had little ones come in with 1.00 and the gathered up 30dollars worth of stuff. Then we had to be the ones to break the bad news to them. Then of coarse there was the runny noises and the coughing and the sticky coins.

Lets just say, Mom Mafia partner had a red noise by the end of the day and my throat didn't feel too good. BUT we did do, now consider the times we are in right now, we did almost 4,000 dollars worth of sales. NOT BAD AT ALL. I guess it will be worth the nice little colds the kids shared with us. YOU GOT TO LOVE BOOK FAIRS!!!!!!!

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