Monday, March 30, 2009


Can I just say...I LOVE living life though my kids, especially Cayla right now. Its so much fun!!! Where to start.... What I mean is...Cayla was asked to another Prom, ok I'm her mom so of course I think, she'll be asked to lots of Proms, as her mom...I think shes cute (grandma went to something like 5 of them when she was Cays age~way to go mom). This one is in Ahwatukee, the first part of May (again can I just say...already have the dress~am I good or what). Well NOW we have her school Prom coming up. Cayla's getting kind of worried about it. She knows there's a few people who might ask her...BUT WHO.

Well, it started today. One of her best guy friends came up and asked if shes been asked yet. She says, "Well, not exactly." Cuz here's why. Another guy friend, from another school told her she should tell all the guys from her school that she has a date and go with him! (They really didn't know each other before his Prom and he'd already asked someone to his~understand)

Anyways, back to this first guy...he says that he has a friend (not him) who wants to take her. They are all friends and that she would be ok with going with this guy. Now any of you who know Cayla, knows she is going CRAZY right now. She thinks she knows who it is...but then again, it could be someone else and she could be...whats that word...WRONG. Does she go with the unknown guy...or does she go with the guy that says just go with me, even though its not my school Prom (and hes a nice guy, which makes it hard too). WHAT TO DO~WHAT TO DO!

I LOVE IT! Shes so CONFUSED! And we all know it don't take much to do that to that child of mine! And she informs me that I'm NO help at all~ GO FIGURE!

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