Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break...

...came and went at our place and what did we do, well I'll tell you...NOT A WHOLE LOT OF ANYTHING! It was kind of nice, NOT DOING ANYTHING, really. Well, some of us didn't do a lot and some of us did.

So we started of the break of course with PROM. And again, if I do say so myself...Cayla looked so pretty (but I'm her mom, I have to say that RIGHT? Not really, ask Cayla, sometimes I'm too honest with her about stuff, oops).
She did have a blast!
DJ took the boys archery shooting. Josh really loves it, but Seth, after a little, while lost interest. That boy sometimes. Josh use to shoot all the time, so we are hoping to get him back into it. And as Seth gets older...who knows with him. Again...Seth is just Seth.

Sunday, again it was all about Cayla (wonder if the boys are beginning to feel left out). She sang at church. Shes been working on this song "Be thou an Example" for a couple of weeks with a brothern from our ward, who just happens to be a teacher at her school. It really worked out perfect for her to practice cuz shes never home, always at work or school. Again, I'm the mom and if I do say so myself...It sounded really good. But if the boys are feeling left out I could always do what DJ's mom use to do when they were kids...just tell them they are singing in Sacrament. I think Seth would be ok with that, but I think Josh would rather have is eyeballs cut out of his head then sing (I just don't understand the kid, everyone in the family loves to sing but him and he grew up around it...CRAZY BOY).

Monday, Josh went over to his friends Maxs for a while. While he was gone, DJ, Seth and I went to Big Grandma and Grandpas...I had to take Grandpa shopping for Grandmas b-day. After we got back, DJ and Seth worked on their yard while I did some stuff in the house. We also had to get Cayla ready to go on another Pioneer Trek with my dads stake, West Maricopa. Yes, thats right, Cayla wanted to go on anther one, she had such a fun time with our stake she really wanted to go on another one...STRANGE CHILD!

Tuesday was ST. PATTYS DAY or also known as Big Grandmas Birthday. And are you ready for this...her name is Patricia, aka...Pat...Patty. Favorite color, yes you guess it...GREEN! We've been getting together for years and having a traditional Irish boiled dinner on her birthday. Last year my mom and I took over making it, cuz well, it takes all day to do, WELL, the way my grandpa makes it-it does. He makes it like they do in Boston! So we headed over to moms and started cooking. Cayla met up with her friend Stanley and went to lunch and the movies. Oh and he asked her to his PROM...So know we have another prom to get ready for (hey wait, were already ready...we have a dress, its pink!) Dinner went really good...and it TASTED good. I think the funnest part of the whole night was as we were sitting down to eat, my sister texts me and Cayla from ID...I don't normally answer text during dinner but I'm glad I did these...they were funny. She HATES the boiled dinner of cabbage and cornbeef, but we all love it, so it was a back and forth about how it was better us then her type of thing (guess you had to read it, but it was funny, trust me!)
Wed. at 4 a.m I gave mom a call to see if dad and Cayla had left yet and they had, so I called dad. Wished them good luck. I'm so glad that the weather is warming up cuz it would have been really cold where they were going, Heber area. The boys and I just spent the day around the house doing know, cleaning.

Thursday, the boys spent most of the day at their friends house, the Burns. Poor Robin, I really don't know what she was thinking...not only did she invite both of my boys, but she invited their other friends the Thompsons. WOW! Thats a lot of boys! And Seth...I just don't know what to say...shes a brave woman! This is also when DJ was off to play army for the weekend. He was heading up to Flagstaff. I'm know he enjoyed the weather!
Friday, I gave the boys these gel guns. They are kind of cool. The shoot out a color gel. They spent hours playing with them. Josh the little pill...SHOT ME! Can you believe that! That little stink bug.

Saturday, was an early day. Josh had this big Scout thing he needed be at the building at 7. So that left Seth and I home alone to do shopping for the week and clean and get things ready. Josh had a lot of fun. They worked on rope, wood and metal projects.

Cayla got home about dinner time and was dead to the world. She had a great time. Things were very similar to our Stakes trek but for Cayla she had a very different experience with it. She had her own trials and tribulations that she had to over come this trip. It really helped her build her testimony. It gave her a new understanding of some of the things the saints had to endure. She really felt angels with her at times. (Shes still trying to recover from her illness that she got on the trip).

Sunday brought a morning of sleepy kids. Cayla was really not doing too good and was having a hard time getting going for Church, but we managed to get everyone going and made it JUST in time. Spent a quite day at Church and at home waiting for DJ to come home. He got home at around dinner time, which shocked us, cuz we thought we'd have to pick him up from some place but he managed to get a ride home.

While he was up at drill DJ was officially promoted to his E-8 rank~a Master Sergeant.:) We all wish we could have been there for that but hey, you can't have everything. According to DJ, hes already getting his feet wet with this unit and making changes his first week there. Way to take charge DJ! Let them know your the boss man!

So, all in all, the Hansen family lived separate lives during spring break, some of us travel and some of us,well, vegged. Its not really what we wanted to do~DISNEYLAND, anyone, but I've noticed as Cayla gets older, its harder to do the family things all the time, together. BUT when we do...THEY MEAN MORE TO US! Really they do, I promise!

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