Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well.... DJ's driving home last night, from working the fair, at around 12:30-1:00 in the morning, and he see...FLASH~FLASH~FLASH. Not on him, but on everyone one that's around him. The "PHOTO RADAR" is up and running on Watson road. So...F.Y.I... everyone beware and watch out, PHOTO RADAR IS HERE TO STAY!


Stephanie said...

are you talking about the photo radar at the light on yuma and watson? i've seen all the other radars on the freeway. :(

Suzi said...

I'm talking about the ones on the freeway. There not adding any on the roads that I know of. Have you seen any? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO WHEN YOU CAN'T EVEN SPEED IN YOUR OWN TOWN...No I'm just joking, I don't speed, WELL, NOT that much, OK, YOU GOT ME, I do alittle;-).

Patty B. said...

Hey, Suzi, it's great you're blogging! Such fun to get to know other sisters in our ward. You have a great family, and you're such a good example. I'm glad you're in our ward, even though we feel "stranded", too!