Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My LITTLE girl!!!

Can I just be the bragging mommy for a moment. I love all my kids and all the things they do, but Cayla this year has had event after event. She really is a remarkable young lady and guess WHAT... Shes my BABY!!!

Cayla takes a class at school called JAG (Jobs for Arizona's Graduates). You have to get picked to be in this class and Cayla had no troubles at all getting. This year JAG is having a conference in...drum roll please...WASHINGTON D.C. Students from all over AZ had to apply to try and get the chance to go. You had to meet their criteria (good grades 3.5 or better and a few other things, which of course my memory can't remember). Each student had to answer a bunch of questions and then if they passed the written part they had to go for an interview. WELL, GUESS WHAT~ Cayla got picked to be a Cadre Leader and represent JAG at Washington and at other events throughout the year. There were lots of students from all over AZ who applied and they only picked the top 18. She is so excited to be able to go. The trip is set for the first part of December.

Caylas been asked to go to the "People to People" trips for kids for a lot of years, but those cost an arm and a leg. So whats nice is this whole trip is funded by sponsors. Shes always wanted to go to the people to people trips so this kind of makes up for mom and dad say, sorry it cost way too much.

Then Caylas other BIG news. Last week all the students in the school were told their placements and Cayla...another drum roll currently ranked 3rd in her school. Yah Cayla. Shes worked really hard at this. She currently has a 4.8 gpa, but because of her dance class and it not being worth as much as a math or science class her gpa get listed as a 4.3. But who cares, she works so hard between work, YW's and school, plus having a social life, I'm glad shes having a little luck right now. Don't ask me where she gets her smarts, cuz it ain't from her mom, must of gotten it form dad.

Shes also been hard at work trying to earn her second YW's medallion. She has a silver one and now wants to get a gold one. Shes getting very close. I think she might be able to have it finished by the first of the year. Shes a busy little thing.

Plus shes starting to teach dance classes again. I really don't know where the kid gets all the energy, cuz I can tell you I'm wiped out by 9 and shes still working. Shes really excited to start teaching dance again. Its her love. Now if we can keep her from hurting herself then maybe she can get back into track and going to a dance studio for herself.

Thats my girl!!


Karyann said...

Yeah Cayla. You go girl!

trublubyu said...

cayla is so awesome. you really have been blessed with a choice yw. she is such a leader with an infectious personality and strong testimony. i love her example.

Stefany said...

can i go and be her chaperone???? you could watch my kids..hehe... Congrats on all your hard work Cayla! we are very proud of you and love the example you have been to our kids!

Carolyn said...

That is so exciting! I hope that my girls grow up to be like her.

zippy said...

Congrats Cayla on all your awesome accomplishments! Congrats DJ and Suzi on raising such a righteous daughter!

BTW: that picture of Cayla is beautiful!

ChrisRae&Statt said...

I heart Cayla, she's my fav and I miss her!