Tuesday, October 21, 2008


SOOO seriously, you've gotta love boys!!! And I say that as a loving mother of two boys who at times make me want to go run and jump of a cliff or eat a gallon or two of ice cream or even eat 50 candy bars. What happened you ask?

Yesterday the boys are playing, pretty good together, not really fighting or anything. But they were being really silly (which they really know how to do at times). They thought it would be funny to try and sneak into the family room without DJ and I seeing them. Of course they were so loud we could hear them coming from a mile away, but they were having fun. They would go up stairs and act like they were playing and then sneak down stairs.

After awhile they realized we could see them coming down the stairs, so one of them (JOSH) got it in his head "Lets slided down the stairs, with blankets on our head. They will never see us then." So they did this a few times and decided that it was a lot of fun, so they put pillows an the bottom of the stairs, went and got the lid to the laundry hamper and covered everything with blankets and started sliding down the stairs.

NOW mind you by this time I'm in the kitchen cleaning up not really paying much attention to my two darling little turnips. And DJ's working on his Sunday school lesson. I come out of the kitchen and go into the laundry room and DOWN comes Josh, just laughing away, HEAD FIRST, on his stomach, straight into a tile with pillows. He says you have to watch this mom, goes back to the top and down he slides. Then Seth does it. Of course I know they are having fun, but this is MY CHILDREN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. They are a bit, how do you say, klutzy. We keep the doctors and the emergency room on speed dial for them. SO needless to say, mom spoiled all the fun and said you guys can't do that any more. One wrong slip and its face first into the tile, or its a broken bone, (aint doing that one again!!!) I go back into the kitchen. Then we hear Josh telling Seth, "you better not do it, mom said don't, we might get hurt". But of course hes laughing away while hes telling Seth this, so of course Seths not going to believe him. Seths response... ITS JUST SO MUCH FUN, SO ITS OK!

You gotta love boys!!!

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Wenonah said...

Aren't you glad you dont have a single set of stairs that goes all the way from top to bottom with no landing in the middle?