Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Break and we stayed home!?!?

Can you believe its that time of year, FALL. Well not in Arizona. I don't really think Az knows what the four seasons mean. If DJ had his way we would be up in the mountains enjoying the leaves changing and in some places even the snow. THATS NOT FOR ME!!! Yes, it would be nice to have a little cooler weather, like the 80's or 70's, but much more than that, I WOULD FREEZE TO DEATH!! I'm glad my hubby loves me enough to suffer in the heat he hates! Thank you DJ!!

Well, the boys are out of school this week. Noticed I said "the boys". Cayla was out last week. Their fall breaks don't fall on the same weeks. Last year this happened and we took the boys out of school for a week. They had homework coming out of their ears, so we decided "Not this time." Plus, Cayla went and got herself a job!

Yep... thats right my little girl is all grown up, driving, dating and working. She works at a day spa. So any how, we didn't go out of town, but that didn't stop all the fun. Well, some of the fun.

Cayla, DJ and her friend Geoffrey went hunting for rabbits and quail. Cayla likes to hunt. Go figure, my girly-girly liking to hunt, the one who's deathly afraid of crickets!! Shes not too fond of the quail hunting, she says they run around to much (so chase them down), but she likes to Dove hunt. DJ even makes her do all the cleaning when they get some (GROSS!)

The boys didn't think it was fair that Cayla and Geoffrey got to go so DJ had to take them this week. It was pretty funny watching them carry their guns around. Seth is still a little to small for his gun, but Josh is learning and getting there. Seths turned out to be a GREAT hunting dog!! "Here boy, fetch. Good dog, SIT!!" Cayla and I spent some of her time making peach-strawberry Jam and Canning Peaches. I've been working on these for 2 weeks off and on so I had her and Josh help me finish them up. It was kind of funny watching Cayla, she really is a blond, but in a good way.
Later in the week the boys and I made candies. They really had fun with that, making pretzel fingers, ghost, pumpkins and spiders all in chocolate (WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR). They like to help in the kitchen, sometimes too much that it drives mom crazy (and the sad part is, she really doesn't have THAT far to go!)

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