Saturday, October 18, 2008


Ok, so my friend Steph welcomed me to the world of the BLOGFORD WIVES! I LOVE that phrase. Thanks Steph and thanks to everyone thats reading. WOW! Who would of thought that so many people would read what little old me had to say. Well thanks and there will be more to come.


carolyn said...

I found your blog from sarah's. I too am a blogford wife. It is so much fun to read everyone's! Hope you are doing well!

john and steph said...

Hi Suzi, how fun to find you. I will be checking on you often so update often.

trublubyu said...

just found your blog from stefany. yay. it will be fun to keep up on your family.

tell cayla i haven't been able to find that video of her dance yet, but i am still looking.