Monday, May 25, 2009

19 years

OK so this ones about my hubby and me!! I'll make it short and I'll make its sweet! Only because there really isn't much to say except for that I really do love that guy!

We like any couple out there have had our ups and our downs! But its been a fun roller coaster ride! Can't wait to see what happens this next year and what we'll have plan for our 20th Anniversary! He keeps asking me what I want to do... Any ideas? I have a few....(The wheels are turning...uhm...lets wait and see what I decide...but lets first get through the year!)

Plus I really CAN'T wait to see what the NEXT 19 years has plan for DJ and me...ok maybe I can wait on some of it, but NOT all of it...NO I can't wait, it should be interesting cuz, well, its our lives and we have VERY interesting lives!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DJ!! Thanks for finding me!!! "1-4-3"


Sarah said...

Our 10th is next spring and we are going on a cruise - probably somewhere in the Caribbean. You should try a Disney cruise - I just saw a special about them on the Travel Channel. You would love it!

Suzi said...

I know a d Disney cruise would be so fun. I told DJ a few months a go that I would love to go on that for our 20th, on small prob...I'd want the kids to come too cuz it would be sooo much fun with them but I don't know if I'd want them with me on MY TIME:)