Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Am I cursed...(uhm...maybe)...

Do you ever just get the feeling that you might just be CURSED?!?!

Now I don't mean in the hebeejebee sort of way...I mean things just don't go right-sort-of-way!

Well, I can tell you...I'M JUST PLAN CURSED!!!:)
(in more ways then one:))

You name it and it goes wrong! (Here are just a few things that make my life exciting and well of course~cursed!! :)) Even as far as the three baby birds that were DEAD in my front yard (along with 2 eggs), and the shattered back door that happened (mowing accident...scared the jeepers out of the boys and me...it was loud...sounded like a gun shot~thats when I was thinking~Just shoot me, just shoot me! ...ALL IN ONE DAY.

Oh WAIT, forgot to mention forgetting to be someplace~ TOTALLY SPACED that I had something to do at 6:30 this morning. What a DORK I am. (sorry Teresa~I really am a flake)

And then there was the car door that wont open, unlock or anything (sounded like broken glass when you opened and closed the window, thought the key was going to break in the lock when I tried using it)...

And of course don't forget the dog running away! (found him~thats when I discovered the door wont open on the car and had to climb out the passenger door to get him ~it was quite a sight to see~don't laugh but just imagine your little kids climbing over the seats, but put my BIG derriere in place of a cute little kids derriere and that was the scene...waisted a whole day trying to fix the door~guess what...it still wont work and so we have to take it to the dealer).
This was just a few things that happened today! So much fun!!

Good times-good times!!! I'm just LOVING life right now! But hey, IT'S ALL GOOD!!!

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Carolyn said...

I do feel that way too. Maybe we only get cursed a few times during the year! I hope!