Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Monkey see ~ Monkey do!!
Can I just say OOPSY to my friend Stephanie....
You see Stephanie and I really do share the same brain sometimes! We've worked together very well for years in Relief Society and Girls Camp. We think the same, we act the same, heck we look the same... just kidding...Steph is much cuter than me!!!
So a few weeks ago DJ was mowing the lawn and bang, crunch and shatter...THERE WENT OUR SLIDING GLASS WINDOW!! Ya lets just say it wasn't a happy moment in our lives!!
Well you know Steph and I have to do EVERYTHING THE SAME... Like when she moved to Buckeye for some strange reason WE FOLLOWED!!
SO when we broke our window, Stephanie decided to follow and today she called me with the glorious news "YOU CURSED ME!!" As soon as she said those words I knew....
Sorry Steph, no one said we had to do everything the same!!!
Monkey see ~ Monkey do!!


Stephanie said...

Well, I have always tried to emmulate your Glorious example!!!! i guess sometimes I take it a little too far. Besides it isn't fair that you get ALLLLLL the drama. My next mimicking trick - pass out at school. *evil grin*

Suzi said...

I really do recommend that one...the passing out at school! You know I thought I might try you sometime~I might just fall going up the the stairs, ONLY if you pass out three times at school, cuz thats how many times I've done it (2times as a kid and once as an adult)...you need to catch up! Hey there was the time I feel in front of the school, does that count?