Thursday, May 21, 2009

Schools Out for Summer...

...Well almost! Well sort of!

See Cayla is out of school today and the boys get out tomorrow!

I have mixed feelings about this....

Heres why....

~It was a very busy year at school and I'll be looking forward to a break (yes me NOT the kids).
~All those late nights with Cayla helping with homework and ealie mornings waking her up for semianary in Tolleson (it will be nice not to have to worry about those for 2 months)
~Spending the two months...locked in my house with my kids cuz of the heat (not too sure on that one, kind of happy, but kind of scared...serously have you met my kids)
~happy to have the time with the kids but I know that after awhile they will begain to drive me crazy and it will be a race to see who will crack or them! (and we all know its such a short drive for me)
~Drive me crazy...they will start to drive each other crazy...thats when the fun really starts!
~The see normally we don't travel during the summer cuz, well, its too hot, but this summer we decided to take a trip and again, have mixed feelings on this one. We are heading up to Utah for a week. Yep thats right Utah, not so much to see the family, but to see all the historical stuff they have up there that is only open during the summer, hence, the summer trip instead of the fall or spring one.
~Oh and then there is girls camp (so much fun coming up...sorry Steph, I've been a slacker)
~Cayla has Cheer and dance and whatever else she has, so she'll be busy.
~We have Cayla and Joshuas b-days (love those days)

So see I have mixed feelings, I'm pretty happy about the summer, but at the same time, just kill me now!
(Oh I'll write about my Sea World trip next was a blast!)

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TheLadiesRoom said...

I'm right there with you on the whole mixed feelings bit. We shall see how long it takes me to go nuts-o