Friday, May 15, 2009

2 hours...

...and counting!!!
Yes thats right...I only have 2 hours to go before I get on a school bus with 60...did you get that number...60~ 5th graders and drive to San Diego!!!
What the heck was I thinking when I said I'd be a chaperon!!
Oh ya, I remember...I get to stay at Sea World~after it closes and sleep with the Manatees! How cool is that.
Cay is so jealous...Manatees are her favorite! HA-HA! Oops, I guess that wasn't very adult of me or very motherly either. But Josh did it to her so why can't I! :)
Really, we (Josh, plus me, plus 59 other kids and who knows how many adults), are driving to Sea World, where, when we get there, they will take us behind the scenes and show us the ins and outs! Then half of us will go sleep with the Manatees (me) and the other half will sleep with the sharks (so glad thats NOT me)! (OK when I say sleep with the sharks and the Manatees...I don't mean in their tanks, come on people work with me here). Then tomorrow we get to spend the whole day at Sea World and then drive home that night! (It shall be a long drive home)
Too~Too Cool!!


Anonymous said...

ya so cool :P your just so loving mother :)

zippy said...

I'd say, "hope you all had a fabulous time"...but the look on your face when you walked in to church today said it all! They wore you out didn't they? If I haven't said it before, I must say it now...I think you dear Suzi are an AMAZING woman (mother, wife, friend, leader, etc.)!! Hang in there...just five more days of school. : )