Friday, June 12, 2009


You know the song..."Christmas is coming...the goose is getting fat...please put a penny in the old mans hat...if you haven't got a penny...a ha'penny will do...if you haven't got a ha'penny...well then God bless you".... (hope you know the tune....)

"Girls camp is coming...Suzi's getting stressed...late nights with Stephanie is truly a blast...we've been working really hard...or maybe hardly working...we've been kind of playing too...soo what else is knew!!"

YEP!! Girls camp is coming and I've now reached my ZINE ZONE...MY WHATEVER ZONE...MY IT'S ALL GOOD ZONE...and the new phrase for Suzi...MY HAKUNA MATATA ZONE!

Thats right! Now you all know, I've been going to camp since I was a teen(yes, I know that was a long time ago). My mom went when I was small, put the LOVE of it right into me back then. She did so much that was so fun and spiritual! And thats what I always made camp. So, lets just leave it at ...



andreamatrix said...

So did you go to camp yet? How was it? How many girls did you end up with?

Suzi said...

Nop we haven't gone yet...July 6th to the 10th. We have a really small group this year going. We'll be around 70 or so girls. Its small but thats ok, should be a lot of fun! How about your stake? I here your roughing it!