Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Through the years...

WOW...how time flies...Cayla was just saying this last week~how old she feels and looks and I made the commit..."if she feels old whats that make me?" (No commits needed from the peanut gallery~thank you very much!)


So I guess I AM getting old!!! Just a little!(Shut up Kimmy...yes I used the "SH" word:)!)

That's right...Today, Cayla Janay is 17. Its hard to believe. This year she is a Senior in high school, on cheer, student council, active in church, active in tons of school activities and clubs, you name it~shes involved in it...what more could a parent want? Well, what every parent wants...FOR HER TO BE HAPPY!!!

I can truly say its been interesting watching my clutsy, giggly, book brainy, not so people smart (just joking Cay), daughter grow. Shes kept life not so boring for us! SO today Cayla, Here's hoping you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I wont write too much about you cuz I know you'll kill me if I embarrass you too much so I wont, cuz I'm not that kind of mom! I would NEVER tell any one how you can't say some words or should I say pronounce some words (well I can't either so its all good, right), or how you can't whistle, or how when you see a spider or cricket you call your LITTLE brothers to come and kill them or you just scream bloody murder. Those sort of things will remain our little family secrets and NO one will ever find out! What kind of mother would I be if I told the world EVERYTHING about my little girl...so I'll just stop right now and not say another word about anything that might turn you red!

Cayla has always been close with her grandma Waldron

Cays been really luck over the years to go to girls camp with her grandpa...ALL her years at camp!! Shes NOT EVER had him NOT at camp!! Its their special time together!! I really think she just might cry if he wasn't there....

Shes had really good friends in her life over the years~some crazy~some wild~some some strange...but we LOVE them all!!! Thanks for always being there for her when her moms all of the above!!
Now for the mushy part...as Caylas grown, shes kept her family close...she really loves her brothers and they love her, they all drive each other crazy but that's what makes them a family. Along the ways, shes remembered to have fun! Isn't that what life's all about!
Keep smiling as you grow Cayla and remember...
we LOVE all the funny little things about you!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you momma:)your too funny! ya hate to break it to you but if i'm old well you know you kinda are getting older to :D you know you love me. oh and i bet those secrets will still be safe. your silly. i love you and you know i always love to have you up at camp to.
love Cayla

zippy said...

Happy, happy birthday beautiful Cayla! What a wonderful time of life for you (and your family). We think you're a great gal and feel lucky to be in the same ward as you and your family, and to have gotten to know you a bit over the last couple of years. : ) Maybe one of these days when you have some free time...ha, ha, ha...you can come babysit for us? : )

P.S. I too scream bloody murder at the sight of any creepy crawly eight legged creature and call for my hubby or my kids to come kill it! Ugh! Oh, and whistle? Yep, I've never been able to do that either, good to know I'm in good company!

Anonymous said...

See i'm not the only one scared of spiders. good to know. :)
And yes my whole family makes fun of me for not being able to whistle. mostly my brother who started who knows when he was like 8 and he made fun of his 14 year old sister who couldn't.