Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ok so I know I'm his mom, but can I just say that I think that my son Joshua James is the best looking kid around! AND TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY so I think he got even better looking when he woke up this morning! Its hard for me to believe that he's 11 today! I know I had a hard time excepting Cayla turning 17 a few weeks ago (ok, not really, but moms are suppose to have hard times when their kids grow up right?), Your kids are growing up and somewhere you missed the memo...I don't know.

(Isn't he SOOOO CUTE!)

But LOOK...Josh went from my cute little boy into a really GOOD LOOKING KID. Let me tell you about this good looking kid!!! Some of you have been deceived by my sweet Innocent little, ok not so little, see, he may look and sometimes act all calm and quite...


Underneath it all...HES JUST PLAN CRAZY!!! NO!! Really he is, just ask anyone in the family, they will ALL tell you the truth, the kid is NUTS!

Hes a good every kid, hes got problems... and as a mom, of course I want to try and fix them all, but I can't ~ I haven't figured out how yet. BUT I'll keep trying for him and the other two rug rats. Out of my three rug rats, Josh is the most complicated to understand, I think, well sort of. Hes a really funny kid a times. Can make you laugh your head off. Other times, I think hes just plan sad and I really don't know why.

Hes a funny kid~ loves watching the Discovery channel and the History Channel. He LOVES everything to do with WWI and WWII and Vietnam. He likes to invent things. Watch out or else one of these times you might end up in the little boogers trap.

Lately hes been getting into basketball. Kind of felt bad for him the other day... He got a new basketball for Christmas and someone at the park stole it while he was there, (little brats...oops guess thats not very nice to type, but really stealing from a kid).

(Josh and Seth get a long really good...sometimes Seth does drive Josh batty and Josh wants to kill him but its all brother love, right?)
I know sometimes being the middle child is rough but Josh does ok. He causes trouble when he can. Beats up on Seth every chance he gets...Teases Cayla about her bugs all the time (only cuz its easy to do) and trys to get the best of mom and dad, when he can!

(Cayla and Josh are really close...Cay thinks Josh is soooo cute. When Josh was little he didn't have a problem giving his his sis a kiss but now he runs anytime she trys and give him a kiss...the tables have turned)

So for Josh...I hope he has the BEST Birthday today. We love him very much. We couldn't be happier to have him in our lives. He makes life fun for us!!

(Josh with his closest friends...acting NORMAL?)

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TheLadiesRoom said...

Happy Birthday Josh! =)
And yes Suzi... he is a good lookin kid!!!