Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a fun week...

Its been a busy week for Josh and Seth. It was SCHOOL SPIRIT week. The boys really love doing school spirit week. Monday was PJ's day. Seth LOVES this day. He wore his BATMAN jams to school. For those of you who don't know, BATMAN is Seths favorite, so much that a year and half ago he was pretending to be his favorite and tried to swing from the ceiling fan and, well, broke both his arms. THAT'S MY BOY.... Since he wore his Batman jams to school everyone around the school now calls him "Batman", he loves it.

Wed. was backwards day and also a school awards assembly. It was a busy day for the boys. Seth got perfect attendance and the citizenship award. (Only one boy and one girl from each class can get that award). Seths teacher gave it to him, not because hes the smartest and the best behaved-cuz we all know Seth and hes, well Seth, she gave him the award because she said he has a BIG heart and loves to help everyone, a little too much sometimes.:) Josh did pretty good himself. He made Principles list (Yeah, Josh), he also got perfect attendance and well, he also got the citizenship award in his class. It was a pretty cool day.

OK so THURSDAY was the funnest day. It was CRAZY day at school and we went all out for the boys. We colored their hair with our school colors, SILVER and GREEN. (was a little worried it wouldn't come out of blond hair, but it did!) Seth thought he was so cool getting to have WILD hair at school.

THEN, Friday... Friday was wear a costume to school day, but it couldn't be anything scary. So we had to come up with something for Josh so he wore his dads military uniform. And Seth went as his second favorite...Indian Jones.

That night of course was HALLOWEEN. It was kind of a quite night for us. We got the boys dressed in their costumes.

Dad helped with Joshua make-up (he looked so cool and scary).

Cayla had to work and then had to dance at a football game for half time (kind of sad we didn't get to see it but we weren't sure she would get off work in time). We didn't go any where this year, no biggie. We had fun with just mom, dad and the boys. Our neighborhood was kind of quite but the kids made out like bandits. Josh was a skeleton pirate and Seth , Indian Jones. Of course the boys are boys. Josh had a sword and Seth a machete and a whip, so they had to fight each other. I really didn't know who to root for, I LOVE Indian Jones and well, Josh was pretty scary, I was so confused, which as everyone knows doesn't take too much. In the end it was a draw.
We had fun. The kids can't wait to wear their costumes again next year. (Cuz moms cheap and gets or makes costumes that will last 2 or 3 years and then they get handed down to Seth, he doesn't like that idea too much, but oh well, "LIFE ISN'T FAIR!" A saying we teach our kids over and over and over again.)

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