Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy B-day Booger...

So this is for
Seths Favorite Booger...

I know that just sounds wrong!!

But hey its me and well, I'm just not NORMAL!

This blog is dedicated to BIG Booger (Jerrae) from

LITTLE Booger (Seth).
See Jerrae is my kids BIG sister. My Kids fell in LOVE with her when DJ was in Iraq. I was the YW's President and Jerrae was one of my girls (her mom was my YW's Pres,so we just kept it going). Well, she ended up becoming part of our family and when DJ came home he found out he had another daughter, lucky for us. Jerrae helped keep me sane while DJ was gone and then just kept being part of the family when he came home. When people ask who she is we say shes our kids big Sister!

We were so excited the day Chris walked into Jerraes life, because she finale found that one person who treated her like the queen we always knew she was. WE LOVE YOU CHRIS and thanks for taking care of our BOOGER for us!

Cayla always said she wanted to grown up and be like Jerrae and you know I couldn't ask for a better example for my daughter (I know kind of mushy, I can be at times-scary!)

So WHAT Can we do for you, JERRAE, on your birthday...



~Have Hot Chocolate (even though its a million degrees out)

~Eat cheese cake (its a sacrifice but somones got to do it)

~Wear all pink and a little black or white (the boys might die on that one)

~Watch Legally Blond

~Play with make-up (again the boys might die)

and last but not least

~have a Pedicure Party (wish you could come)


(oh and yes I will be out there any time for my play date, you tell me when)

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Chris and Jerrae said...

I love it and I feel so special and entire blog post dedicated to me. I love you family, it's amazing to have you guys in my life and Cayla is the little sister I never had. Love you guys Suzi, DC, Cay, Joshua, and Booger