Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my MOMMY... What can I say she looks good for her age, shes fifty(something)...(its not nice to tell a women's age....)
My kids LOVE their grandma and grandma loves ALL her grandchildren, and shes got a lot of them. (and they are all soo cute, wish I had pic of her with them all)

(Cayla is the oldest grand baby and loves her grandma to death)
(Josh is the third grandchild and the first grandson and he thinks grandma rocks) (Seth just loves his grandma so much and is happy shes always there for him)

Mom is always there for me. Its kind of nice to always have someone you can count on. My mom has made me the person I am today, which by the way could be looked at as a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you are. But I think its a good thing. I love my mom and like my kids say..."SHE ROCKS FOR A GRANDMA AND A MOM!"

Happy Birthday Mom and thanks for making me who I am!


trublubyu said...

i have to agree: your mom is awesome! and so are you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Suzi That was sooooo neat. You really are the best!!!! luv ya Mom

Tuckett Fam said...

That was really nice Suz. Although I don't think that was great of mom to say that you are the best when she does have 2 other kids!!lol She thought that was great of you to do that and just so you know she wants some of those pictures.

Sarah said...

You do have a great mom. :)