Thursday, November 13, 2008

San Diego or BUST...

Everyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE California, so this weekend we took off to San Diego for the Holiday. Sea World ROCKs! The last few years they have been giving to the soldiers and their families free, did you hear FREE, tickets to Sea World. Its been so cool to go. We don't know if they will do it again next year, but its been fun these last three years. We went and of course got to see everything.

Each of the kids have their favorites. Cayla loves the Manatees. Josh loves the Penguins and, well Seth likes to get wet! Oh and he likes to pet the Dolphins. Mom likes that part too.
Isn't he CUTE!!

We love to go and watch the Sea Lions. They are so noisy and really make us laugh when we try and feed them. This one sea lion just sat there waiting for people to toss fish at him and every time, a bird would fly down and steal the fish. I'm telling you these birds would bite your hands off if you let them. Mean little buggers they were. You toss the fish and mid air the take them.

The wind was really blowing and anyone that knows me, knows that I was FREEZING. By the end of the night, Cayla and I were just plain COLD and WIPED out. The boys went off to play in the jungle jim area, while Cay and I FROZE to DEATH.

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