Thursday, November 13, 2008

Its MY cereal!!

I just LOVE Seth!!! He really is a loving and giving kid. Last Sunday I went to get some granola cereal for breakfast & the box was EMPTY!! (TOTAL CRIME RIGHT, and in a house with a cop, no less). WELL, DJ ate ALL the granola:( His excuse - "You said you got the cereal for ME!" I got 5 boxes of granola cereal, and yes I did say it was for him, but I didn't think he would eat all of them. and I put one box on the VERY top shelf. HE ATE ALL OF THEM. They are ALL gone. I told him thats why I put one on the top shelf - hidden and then I got him his Halloween Favorites - Boo cereal, Count Dracula cereal and Frankin Berry cereal. But NOOOOO - he ate all the granola instead.

So ANYWAYS, I was pouting (really getting ready for stake conference) when theres a knock on the door. Its Seth & he has a pear for me. He says "this is so you wont be hungry for breakfast." He gives me a hug, then leaves. Then a few minutes later he brings me a knife, plate and napkin, he says cuz he knows I like to cut my pears. He smiles and says "love you mommy", then leaves. He comes back with a notes a few minutes later that says "I love you mom" with a picture of him and me on it.

OK, so sometimes my little pill can be the cutest kid. Hes got the BIGGEST heart out there. I just LOVE that kid.


Kelli and the Girls said...

I have to tell you I fell in love with your littlest son this past Sunday. He flirted with me several times, waved and smiled at me. I have to tell you that it made me feel so warm and fuzzy. My three girls were with their dad this past Sunday and I missed them so, but he just made me forget all about them!

Suzi said...

Sometimes that little guy can be cute!! I'm glad his smile was able to help when ya needed it. Hes my little flirt thats for sure. I'll have to lock HIM up when he gets older. Good luck with the move in March.

Wenonah said...

Yep, we love Seth, he's a really sweet kid! You'll have to teach him how to carefully choose girls cuz they'll be all over him!