Friday, September 17, 2010

All smashed up...

(This is our GHETTO car...what do you think)

Wednesday morning, I'm up getting the boys ready for school, when DJ calls...

He knows we are going crazy and rushing from here to there in the mornings...we're running around like chickens with our heads cut off!...SO why on earth would be be calling to slow us down...Well to tell me that Cayla was just in an accident!! Yep, that's right an accident! Are you kidding me!!

She was getting off the freeway when a lady hit her from behind!!! The lady just wanted to exchange info and leave...but Cayla being the good daughter called daddy! DJ says "OH NO!!" she needs to stay and I'll send someone out to do an accident report. Well the lady wanted to leave cuz she knew she would get a ticket...which she did...hello she hit our car from behind!

Cayla had Tom and another friend, Blake, with her and so far...knock on wood...They are fine! Cay was saying he back was sore and that her head we will see...sure signs of whip lash!

But I'll tell you, nothing gets the heart pumping faster then your hubby saying..."The kids are fine...BUT they were in an accident."

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