Friday, September 17, 2010

Ummmm Blessings...

Sometimes when it truly does pour!!!
Have you ever noticed that when something goes wrong in your life~everything does....Ok maybe not in your life but most times in mine it does!
Now for those who know me, know that I'm not very good at hiding my feelings...I know what a shock...happy, sad, annoyed, angry, can see it all on my face...DARN FACE!!! Stop giving my feelings away.
You also know I'm the type that see the glass half empty...NOT half full...never have...never will!
I truly need to follow the example of one of my friends...when she was having a bad day...she complained (she had every was a bad day)...but later she felt bad about complaining so then she counted h er blessing and had a change of heart!!
Don't know if it would help but lets see...
Ok so it's harder then I thought... we all know that I do find joy at times in complaining and just being plan miserable!

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