Friday, September 17, 2010

Howdy Cowboy...

I know everyone would agree who lives in Az...Summer was LONG and HOT!!!
But, the end is insight...We are in the 90's and low hundreds...Where else would someone be excited about the low 100's then here in good old AZ!!!
With it being so hot during the summer, I can understand why DJ, Cayla and Josh looked for as many opportunities to leave our wonderful HOT valley.
This summer they traveled all over the state and out of the state! There was 2 girls camps, 2 scout camps, military duty in Flagstaff, a trip to Utah and New Mexico with friends and the military!
BUT that left poor little boogier Seth home, board all summer long with mom....
SO thats why we put Seth in for horse riding lessons...Very Cool (well not really-it was HOT out side) but cool for him to be a cowboy!
It was very cute...he had to have cowboy boats and a riding helmet! And he took to it like a fish to water...HE LOVED IT!! Even though he was suppose to be focused on riding, he still managed to talk his instructors ear off...True Seth all the way...BOY did he talk a lot!

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