Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Twilight Zone...

Yesterday was the TWILIGHT ZONE day....

These stories are real, the people in them are real, the faces are real. 
If it could happen...and I don't mean in a good way!!! 

So it started out as a typical ordinary day.  I woke up, got the boys up, got dress to go train for the vertical marathon that I'm training for in November...yes, I am really crazy and have lost my mind!!...and headed out the door!!

At the gym, Teresa and I start our stair climb.  You see that's what a vertical marathon is.  53 flights of stairs, 1,272 steps...and we are doing this for the American Lung Association...yes we are CRAZY!  BUT we have made it to 74 flights of stairs...1,5000 steps...oh yeah baby!!!  WE ROCK...and we both have BAD knees...she has had hers re-done and I've broken if we can do it anyone enough on that...well maybe not...but for now! 

So we are at the gym and while we are working out we are talking about all the problems we are having with always seems like we have things happen on Tuesdays and it drives us crazy.  Teresa informs me that we got a bunch of bounced checks back from our fundraiser...ugh...teachers are wanting things about our up coming carnival...ugh...our t-shirt guy completely changed the design we wanted for our carnival t's...ugh...just everything was going wrong...but we were taking time for ourselves and working out!

So we finished early on Tuesday so we could go and order our bountiful basket...cuz the run out fast in Goodyear...then I go and shower.  After I shower I was heading over to a friends to discuss wedding stuff, was running a few minutes late and when I got there she wasn't bad...but while I was there, I get a call from Naomi at the school...Josh got hurt, again, in PE (it's always PE), and they wanted to let me know, cuz it looked kind of bad.  He jammed his finger.  So I told them I wasn't in the area, so could the tape it, ice it, give him drugs and see if he would be ok.  And there you have it.  Off he went to class.  Well I headed over to the school and the called him up front and while I was looking at his finger it doubled in was kind of cool...I called my resident DR...aka...Teresa (flight medic) and she said if it swelling still I should take him in, better safe then sorry.  So off we went to Urgent Care. 

After x-rays...he broke it...not jammed it like I thought, right above the growth plate, in the joint at what they call at 30% brake, which means...we need to see a  much fun! 

Then, Cayla shows up that night to pick Seth up from Cub scouts and drop Josh off at scouts cuz I have meetings and she has a heating pad on her neck and informs me that she hurt herself at work while playing...ready for it..."Duck, Duck, Goose"...she got "Goosed"...she works at a place called the "Little Gym" and when you get "Goosed" you do a roll out and when she did her neck locked up and she couldn't move it and she said it was the worst pain she ever felt...she wanted to scream and cry at the same time, but she was being evaluated and could stop or do anything.  It was pretty bad.

But to add to the whole twilight zone night.  My friend Teresa...She was at football practice for her soon Austin with all her kids when her daughter Syd'a fell riding her biggy until later when she tried lifting her scooter up and she couldn't...Teresa and Ryan (dad) looked at her wrist, cuz she was crying at this point and realized that she might have broken it!  At that exact same time another parent came up to then and said hey your son Austin just got hurt, he jammed his finger.  They ignored the finger, thinking it was no big deal.  So they took Syd'a to the Drs and yep...its broken and they have to see a specialist...then they got looking at Austin and decided to take him in and guess what!!  Thats right...its the exact same break as yep...they have to go see as specialist. 

Well, that leaves two of our kids...Seth and Brenna that didn't get hurt yesterday!  We really feel the need to rap them in bubble packing tape and lock them in a padded room so they wont get hurt.  

Poor Josh, today at school, hit his finger and head and felt it pop...went to the nurse and got more drugs and ice...then tonight...oh boy did he done do it good...I'm thinking they might have to take more x-rays...his whole hand is big now...and he can't even move the tip of his finger now...Seth hit his hand and it took him down!  Oh boy was it bad!!  Josh screamed and Seth felt bad, everyone was crying...Josh is hand is now purple!  Tomorrow at the specialist should be interesting.....

Then I went to church yesterday and...thats a whole nother story that I really can't share...BUT I will's a good thing...THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!   

And you have now LEFT...THE TWILIGHT ZONE!!!

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