Sunday, September 26, 2010

Funny thing...

DJ comes in this morning and tells me that while he was working the ASU game last night, as a cop mind you, something funny happened...And let me tell you while he was telling me...I did laugh!! 

So he's standing in the street, directing traffic, watching people leave the game...and he notices that some girls are going the opposite way of traffic, back towards the stadium...NO BIGGY he thinks, their not doing anything wrong.

A few minutes later...he has a college student kind of leaning against him...and she looks up at him and asks..."Are you married?"  Of course he answers right away "AH YES!!!"  She says, "thats too bad cuz your really cute!"

Insert me laughing so hard..."laugh*laugh*laugh*laugh"...wait one more laugh..."laugh!!" 

DJ says he looked a little shocked that a college student was hitting on him...and then she walked away! 

After my initial laugh...I said at least my hubby still has it!  Really after all these years, college girls are still looking at him...or was she dared...lets just believe that my hubby still has it!!! 

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Cayla Hansen said...

That is TOOO FUNNY!!! wow I can't believe my dad was hit a college student.... there is something wrong with that statement. I mean come on I'm a college student, he's my dad ewe :)