Saturday, September 25, 2010

Big Papa!!

Another major event that took place this summer was in June...My grandpa, the kids great-grandpa past away!  James Carroll, know by everyone as Jim past away on Wed., June 2.  The kids have always called him big papa and he was always my boodia.  He was an amazing grandpa who loved his grandkids and great-grandkids to death.  When little kids saw him they always thought he was Santa Claus cuz he had the big beard and even bigger belly. 

His funeral was very special...we got to see something that not many people get to experience...a 21 gun salute...Grandpa use to be in the Navy, so my mom was able to arrange for this to happen. 

Here is my Uncle Denny, Uncle James, my brother Dan,
my cousin Anthony, DJ, and my dad.

It was very hot and bright out...but I think the
glasses help hide the tears.

Ok, I know hes sideways, but I didn't rotate the pics before I added them...sorry!
The playing to Taps!!! 

Here they are explaining the purpose of the 21 gun salute

Again I didn't rotate...sorry

The 21 gun salute

The folding of the flag

Presenting it to my Grandma

Now I don't recommend having funerals to anyone...
But it was a very nice family reunion...
just about everyone in the family was able to come and
say one last good-by to boodia.
Grandma and Uncle Denny. Denny came down from VA

Aunt Carrie (down from WA), grandma, Aunt Stacy, Mom and Uncle Denny...
Uncle Mark and Aunt Robbin couldn't make it...they were missed

Josh and Tristin...
Josh has taken grandpas passing very hard...
He still gets upset every now and then.

Kim was able to make it down from ID

Seth and Caleb

Grandma with best friend Dawn

Two sisters...stricking a pose

Kim with her favorite neice...wait isn't Cayla her only neice on this side of the fam...hummm

Mom and dad...
Mom was so stronge during these last few months with grandpa. 
It was a very hard time for her.

Trish, Caleb and Dan were able to make it down from WA

Ahhh, I really do love my baby brother....

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