Saturday, September 25, 2010

Caylas Graduation...

As I look back over the last few months that I didn't up date this BLOG THING...I realize that a few key events have taken place and I should put some pic up for everyone to see...that way ya'll will stop askin me to send you copies since all you have to do is log onto my wonderful blog that I work so hard at and see them...I'm just kidding...don't take me so never have before so why start now....But it is a wonderful blog if I do say so...again...just kidding! 

So the first major event...well that I can remember, I'm sure there were others...was Caylas graduation and the party after...
Enjoy the pictures! 
Cayla was one of two speakers that got to talk at Graduation...
We always knew that Cayla had the gift for gab....

Up on the BIG TV at the University of Phoenix Statum! 

Receiving her diploma...Wooohooo!!
She DID it!!  At the top 1% of her class...Way to go baby girl!!

Cayla best friend since 8th grade...Geoffrey Smith! 
He did it too!!!

Cayla and her uncle James...

A very proud daddy!

Mommy and daughter!!

Caylas other dad...her non-daddy-daddy, Russell

Aunt Sandy and Uncle Ron along with the graduate

Grandma and Grandpas first graduation grandchild!

Cayla and Samantha...sisters forever!! 

Cayla with her big sis Jerrae and mom

This was an AMAZING cake we had made for her!! 
The dance pictures on it are really pictures of Cayla!

Cayla opening gifts at the party...
Everyone came out to show their love and support to her...
Thanks everyone!!

She made it!!! 

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