Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a terrible mom I am...

Have you ever have something happen and then you feel like a TERRIBLE MOTHER? Well, I have those moments ALL the time. It's at those moments I wonder where I was when they handed out the manuals on how to take care of kids...cuz I sure didn't get mine!

So yesterday, Seth started saying his throat hurt...well it is that time of year when allergies start acting up and you get drainage down your throat. But you have to understand something...Seth is my DRAMA QUEEN...ok at some point all of my kids have been DRAMA QUEENS, but yesterday was Seths day!!

I really didn't think too much about it, cuz Seth always says he doesn't feel good and then 5 minutes later...hes running around driving us crazy...then when he has to do chores or homework...he doesn't feel good again...STRANGE how that works!

But he was acting a little quieter then normal...not much mind you. Sooooo we get home from the Primary Activity (Sooooo sorry to all ya moms that had kids there, but he did stay to himself for the most part...well til the end of the activity), he went and layed on the couch and just watched movies all day. He ate lunch and dinner just fine and then back to laying down. He would say every now and then that his throat would hurt when he swallowed.

So we got a flash light and was barely pink...really nothing...

UNTIL....dunt dunt dooooon...

Around 2 Josh comes in and says that Seth has been crying and wont stop. Go in and check on him and he says his throat really really hurts...Poor little guys! We get the flash light and in just a couple of hours...flaming red!

After some medicine and a blessing...everyone goes to bed and gets some much needed sleep.
Then in the morning all the craziness starts. I have a Primary Program going on and DJ has a talk he has to give in another ward...Cayla has to work today at 1...and we need to take Seth to Urgent Care....
What do we do?
Again, I really am a terrible parent...Cuz Cayla was having to work today (she normally doesn't work on Sundays), she had planned on going to our ward. But she offered to stay home with Seth...however I needed her help at church since DJ wasn't going to be there. I had to be up on the stand during the program and couldn't go set up the primary room, so I thought Cay could do it. So we decided to see if Josh would mind staying home with him till DJ finished his talk and could take him in...SO THATS WHAT HAPPENED! What kind of mom would have another child stay home and take care of her sick baby...ME I guess!
After a trip to the Urgent Care...its confirmed...STREP THROAT! Poor little guy!

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