Sunday, September 26, 2010

Have you ever noticed...

...Or maybe you haven't and it's just me (more then likely thats it)...
but have you ever noticed that when your unhappy with yourself...your unhappy with the world! 
 Well, I have cuz thats the state I've been in for a while!!!  Somehow I need to work on my own happiness so that I can find joy around me! 
 Easier said then done!!! 

I really hate being in this funk and I'm sure I'll get out of it...just need to find a better way to deal with my stress then the way I've been dealing!  Cuz the way I'm dealing with it, is why I'm unhappy right now with myself! 

I'm sure everyone gets this way at some point...But then again maybe not...but this is my time (again)...just gotta work my way out of it somehow and work on my self esteem...cuz right now, it's petty much gone!

Thanks for letting me have myself pity party...needed to get it out and now I'm good!! 

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