Saturday, September 18, 2010

I survived...

Well today was our FIRST Primary Activity as a new ward and believe it or not...
I survived!
For those that don't know, when our stake changed the wards a few months back and made my ward, I was called as the Primary President. I had a few feelings go through me at that time...
One, I have done this before...BUT it was 17 years ago!
Two, I have also done the stake President thing...BUT again, it was 14 years ago!
Third, is the Bishopric NUTS!!...ok I'll admit that was running alot through my head!
Forth,'s a BRAND NEW WARD and we have nothing...heck we don't even have that many adults in our ward!
I could keep going on and on and on about everything that went through my head those first few days...
But putting all that aside...I got a great presidency called and we went forth...getting our teachers and two weeks ago...we became fully staffed...yeah! Well at least for another two weeks when one of our teachers is moving...boooooo...but its ok!
So as we were setting things up as a presidency, we tryed to find a date for our primary program. The programs are normally done in Oct or Nov. No biggy right...WRONG....
My councilor who is mainly over Activities and the program is due to have her baby in October and our chorister is due in November but sometimes goes early. UGH...when do we set the date...September!
So here we are in September...we had our first activity and we lived. We did a pancake will always get people to come. Then we went and practiced the program. And after that we went and played games. I don't think I've ever seen so many kids competitive about Simon said or Duck Duck Goose!
But you know its a good sign when kids don't want to go home from their Primary Activity cuz they were having so much fun!
Oh and did I mention that 90% of my primary is under the age of 8. WHOOOOHOOOO!

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